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Bridal Cancellations Policy 

  • Any changes made to a booked trial must be made, in writing, 72 hours before the date of the trial. If changes result in the number attending being reduced, Olivia Ferrer has the right to change the time or date of the trial, and any previous booking discounts or travel discounts may become void.
  • Upon cancellations later than 48 hours no refund is available.

Red Carpet/Event Cancellations Policy

  • In the instance that any changes are made to the booking 72 hours before the date, resulting in the number of clients dropping below the confirmed numbers, Olivia Ferrer has the right to charge the original confirmed total.
  • upon cancellations later than 48 hours no refund is available

Secure Booking Date Deposit Policy

  • Increases to confirmed numbers are at the stylist’s discretion (timings pending). If the numbers are reduced, the original confirmed total may still be charged.
  • All booking fees are automatically deducted from the final balance, which is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding/event day.
  • The secure booking date deposit is non-refundable, if cancelled beyond the 7-day period after the trial, the booking fee (and styling trial fee) shall be forfeited. Any expenses incurred up to the date of cancellation must be paid, and those already paid shall also be non-refundable.